Centrally located in Peterborough County we started this journey as a means to provide homegrown food for our growing family and we are happy to be able to assist other Ontarian’s with providing for themselves using one of our handcrafted greenhouses.

The Trent

6ft x 6ft

The Nipissing

6ft x 8ft

The Humber

6ft x 10ft

The Collingwood

6ft x 12ft

The Niagara

8ft x 8ft

The Port Sydney

8ft x 10ft

The Norwood

8ft x 12ft

The Aldred

8ft x 14ft

The Old Maple Rest

8ft x 16ft

The Margate

8ft x 18ft

The Charleston

8ft x 20ft

The Trillium

8ft x 22ft

The Algonquin

8ft x 24ft

Sun Valley Greenhouses